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Enerphos 100 Capsules - *DISCONTINUED

Sold out.

Contains phosphate esters of serine and ethanolamine present as calcium magnesium salts. Superior assimilation and efficacy. 


Dear Clymer Patient,


It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that the manufacturer/chemist/creator of Enerphos passed away. The company, TE Neesby, has no one else who can create this formula, so it is now discontinued. Our supply is quite limited, and we will be limiting purchase quantities in order to get it to as many of you as possible.


I know this news will be distressing to some of you, and for that I apologize. I wish it were more in our control. For now, try to take a breath, have a seat, and let me explain my process in finding the solution.


I have been fervently searching for options since I heard the news, and I am confident I’ll find one. There are options available. Enerphos is a take off of phosphatidyl serine (PS). PS alone is an effective alternative, although we found Enerphos to be faster acting, more effective, and less expensive, which is why I’m looking for a better alternative to PS.


Enerphos is the brainchild of the manufacturer of the original Seriphos that you may have read about online. Much of the reported success with Seriphos online is from my past patients. Once the makers of Enerphos and Seriphos split, neither product ever worked as well as the old Seriphos.




  1. Serine Sleep: The makers of Enerphos are providing me with a similar product called Serine Sleep. Once we run out of Enerphos, that will be available through us for a limited time. Dosing should be similar, but as with all change, I recommend being flexible and aware: go by feel and adjust as needed. 


  1. Phosphatidyl Serine: This is an option, but this is not as fast acting. Typical dosing is 1-3 caps once or twice daily, load it in the evening if issues are more sleep-related as opposed to anxiety. This is the product that I’ve used a bit:


  1. Seriphos: This is the name of the original product that was quite successful. This company claims this product is the original formula, although this is not likely. That said, a few of my patients have used this new version of the product with some success, so this is an option. Same dosing advice as with Enerphos and Serine Sleep


  1. NT Factor: This is a patented product similar in ingredients to Enerphos and Seriphos. I have used this some in the past but never as a direct substitute for Enerphos. This is, however, an option. Lots of products contain NTFactor, but this is the closest I could come to an NTFactor-only product.


I am searching for a long term solution for this issue...even if I have to try to manufacture the product myself!


Please try to remember that the stress response dysfunction that you have is multifactorial, which means that there are many reasons for your current symptoms. This also means that there are many possible combinations of treatments that will help you. Enerphos helps but one of those. There are always options, and we will find them together.


Yours in health,

Dr. Andrew Neville, ND

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