Clymer Healing Center

Cold, Flu, & Allergies

Allergies, both environmental and food, are a common complaint in patients with Adrenal Dysfunction. Why? Allergies are a results of an imbalanced immune system, which is most commonly caused by an overactive stress response and, hence, a weakened immune system over time. Our immune system is always on alert for dangerous, infectious substances in your environment. Quite often the immune system makes “mistakes” and triggers an antibody response to an innocuous agent (pollen, cat dander, gluten, etc.). A balanced immune system will clear these mistakes prior to their creating a systemic and more permanent reaction. This facet of the immune system is compromised in a person who has Adrenal Dysfunction. Read more about Dr. Neville's UNIQUE APPROACH TO HEALING.

Many of Dr. Neville's patients ask, “Why can’t I just get the flu vaccine?” The primary reason he advises against the flu vaccine is that it hyper-stimulates an already weakened immune system, causing potential allergic and autoimmune reactions, to which those with Adrenal Dysfunction are already prone. This can cause a significant health setback, particularly in adrenal patients. Also, it’s important to remember that the flu vaccination contains mercury as well as other preservatives. Last but not least, the flu vaccine rarely works—if at all (and this is information from their [conventional] research; they just don’t publicize it). READ MORE ABOUT DR. NEVILLE'S FLU PROTOCOL.