Clymer Healing Center

ACE - Sublingual Adrenal Cortex Extract Drops 15 mL 6-Pack

Sublingual Adrenal Cortex Extract Drop (ACE) is the product that has been the backbone of our treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Since it can have diverse effects in different patients, it should be used only as a knowledgeable clinician prescribes. Shown effective in the management of adrenal insufficiency and hypo-function of the adrenal gland, ACE corrects the abnormality in carbohydrate metabolism. ACE also maintains normal capillary permeability, helps in resistance to Infection and stress of all types, increases blood lymphocytes, and decreases serum gamma globulin content.

The Sublingual ACE (Adrenal Cortex Extract) from BioMax is a product designed to support, balance, and supply nutrients your adrenal system. It is an adrenal glandular product, consisting of the adrenal cortex only, not the entire adrenal gland. Glandular therapy has a long history of effective use; it has been used safely for many years, and is one of the paramount ways that the doctors at Clymer Healing Center have found to rebuild adrenal integrity. This product is absorbed under the tongue and brings into the body all the proteins, amino acids, peptides, vitamins, cofactors, minerals, nucleotides, etc., for the adrenal glands to make proper repair. It is NOT designed to increase your cortisol levels, as it does not contain cortisol; it has more of a modulating effect on these hormone levels.

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