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The Best in Hand-Selected, Clinically Proven, Natural Remedies for the Treatment of Adrenal Dysfunction, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Associated Conditions

Welcome to the online store for Clymer Healing Center. The purpose of this store is twofold.

First, we wanted to make it possible for our patients to order the items we’ve hand-selected over four decades of clinical use.

Second, we wished to make as many of these items accessible to all who might be interested in acquiring them, at
prices that are fair to both the patient and our suppliers.

The remedies and books offered here are in a different category than those generally offered online. They have all been carefully chosen by Dr. Neville for their benefits and effectiveness.

If you find an item in our store, you may be certain that it is the very best available. All  these remedies are used to help patients at our Healing Center; as such, they have been chosen only because they do the job better than any other similar item we have tried.

You may use the search engine to find any remedy from any other page on this web site.

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